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Jodha Bai Temple

Jodha Bai Temple

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Where do you store your jewellery, skincare, makeup, crystals or other valued treasures? Our Trinket Temples are designed as the perfect homes for all those sacred little bits and pieces...

Each piece is unique and carefully handcrafted by us in Northern Rivers NSW.


Jodha Bai Temple 

Inspired by the Jodha Bai Palace in India. A red sandstone construction built around 1570 AD.
This design leaves room for things like sunglasses, jewellery and your favourite crystals.


Size and finish

S 30x20x10cm

M 45x20x10cm

L 60x20x10cm 

Render sealed with paint - The more waterproof alternative that is easy to wipe down.

Raw Plaster - Not ideal around water. Gives a raw, more textured and earthy finish. 


Keep in mind that each item is handmade, making them all one of a kind and unique.



Please allow anywhere from 2-6 weeks for your piece to be ready and shipped. You can contact us to know current wait times or to find a wholesaler that can ship items instantly. 

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