F A Q ' s

Altars and Trinket Temples 

What are they made from? 

They are rendered or plastered masonry sculptures sealed with paint. 

Are they water proof? 

The painted render finish is quite water resistant and can be used outdoors as well as indoors. The raw plaster finish will probably be ok with some mild water sprinkle but do not go swimming with either of them. 

Are they fragile? 

The answer is yes and no. They are quite solid products but if not handled with care or dropped to the ground, chances are they will brake. 

Are they heavy? 

30cm wall altars weigh approx 2.5-3kg, the larger 5-6kg.

How do they hang? 

Each altar comes with a hole drilled in the back so they can be attached to the wall with a large screw. Recommend about 2-3cm out from the wall with a slight upward angle. This way they can hang flat against the wall. With a hook they will slightly tip forward. Trinket Temples are not intended to hang on the wall, but can be made with this option on request. 

Attach screws to a stud in the wall or
use screws with appropriate anchors if hanging on gyprock, plaster or similar walls. Masonry and concrete walls can be used without this. 

These are only recommendations based on professional online guides. When hanging any artwork it is your responsibility to check the type of environment and the tools used for best security.