Artist Bio

My name is Malin. I moved to Australia from Norway 9 years ago & fell in love with the country and a very Aussie man. A marriage and two little girls later I can say my roots are well grounded here. 
I graduated from  Queensland College of Art , Griffith University in 2017 and have since had a growing interest in renovations, interior and up-cycling + always a huge passion for creating and transforming in one way or another. Which is something I just can’t stop doing!

Pre Bramasole I was doing fashion & interior photography, graphic design and digital content creation with my other business  M Hvisuals.
The Bramasole art and homewares started as a lockdown and pregnancy boredom project, then quickly escalated into becoming my main source of income. 

I am super grateful for all my new connections through this little business. From all that have bothered to jump on here, placed orders, all you wholesalers and all you lovely people I’ve met during markets.
Thank you for being here.